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Choco Baby - Mini Chocolate Pellets
Manufacturer: Meiji
A Japanese classic snack that all kids (and adults) love! Always the most flavorful chocolate from Meiji. The handy plastic pack keeps the chocolate cylindrical pellets nice and fresh and easy to dispense.
Weight: 34 grams
Choco Baby - Mini Chocolate Pellets
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This limited edition box of Apollo chocolates combine pink strawberry chocolate tips with freeze dried bits embedded inside. The milk chocolate base balances it all ever so nicely. A larger version than usual as these nine individually wrapped pieces come in a box meant for sharing. Opens on the top face which makes it great for parties.
There is a lot of texture and flavor in these lovely strawberry shortcake Tirol cubes of chocolate. They have a pink and white chocolate appearance with many crunchy bits of freeze dried strawberry and biscuits inside. Excellent flavor and a real treat for your tongue. Highly recommended!
Mini Ritz sandwiches with an delicious caramel rich cream filling. Famous world brands of candy can come in many formats here in Japan. Fun to munch on anytime! Handy on-the-go size pouch. Limited edition so stock up before they are gone!
A limited edition seasonal release! Eight perfectly baked, individually wrapped, cookie sticks envelop a tasty milk tea chocolate center. Simple but incredibly delicious with a wonderful texture. A great tea or coffee time snack. Plus, 90% of the chocolate is on the inside of the biscuit which means no messy fingers. Always expect high quality products from Meiji.
This yummy mild coffee chocolate shaped like coffee beans is a must try! A classic offering from Meiji packaged uniquely in a plastic wrapped, mini cardboard tube. Coffee Beat has been a favorite in Japan for both kids and adults.
This special edition Oreo is in a rectangular shape with a rich strawberry chocolate flavor beneath the dark 70% cacao chocolate. Seven individually wrapped mini Oreo bars just bursting fruity strawberry flavor. Fun to munch on anytime! Unique box that opens on the face.
Rich whipped milk cream centers Tirol's delicious milk chocolate. A flavor that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Four delicately wrapped pieces ready to be devoured. J-san recommended product!
"Langue De Chat" or Cat Tongue cookies are popular in Europe where the chocolate covers a long thin biscuit. These white chocolate morsels are baked to perfection and have a domed shape. The texture is wonderful as the outside is crispy while the center is soft. You will not go wrong with BAKE (10 pieces per pack.)
Enjoy 18 pieces of rich milk chocolate with 3 delicious fillings. You get 6 pieces each filled with Venezuela Bitter, Ecuador Ganache, and Ghana Milk chocolate flavors. Each chocolate has a modern artistic pattern scored on the surface. Delightful for parties!
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