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Twinbow Gummy Candy - Soda Mix
Currently unavailable
Brand: Twinbow
Manufacturer: Kabaya
These pole-shaped gummies are sour on the surface and they have a gumdrop type texture. Each candy contains two flavors: cola/lemon and grape/white soda. Very addictive as they have accurate flavors. Resealable pouch so you can ensure freshness.

Made by Kabaya, a top confectionery maker that always comes up with unique products.

Weight: 45 grams
Flavor: see description
Twinbow Gummy Candy - Soda Mix
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What a wonderful unique candy by the makers of Chupa Chups. Enjoy all of the flavor you are used to in their lollies but this time in soft gummy candy form. The foil resealable bag contains lolly shaped gummy candies in 3 flavors: Cherry, Grape, and Pineapple. An excellent balance of sweetness and tartness with accurate flavoring.
These soft yogurt flavored gummy candies have all the flavor of the popular Calpis drink. Inside each gummy is a pocket of yogurt flavored syrup to give them even more flavor. The outer layer has a light powder that gives it added texture and taste accuracy. Recommend product.
It is the tart 'suppai' powder coating that sets these gummy candies apart from their competition. Available in a handful of different flavors at any given time. We plan to list all of the fresh flavors. They are shaped like rectangular cubes and have a perfect texture with accurate flavoring. Resealable pouch so you can ensure freshness.
These soft and citrus orange flavored gummy candies have all the flavor of the popular Calpis yogurt drink. They are star shaped and have a sugary coating. Recommend product. Limited edition so stock up!
Freshness date is end of November 2015. Can there be a cooler package for yummy firm gummy candies? A collaboration with the popular manga "Assassination Classroom" pictured is the character in ninja garb. Youkan is a traditional Japanese dessert of sweet jellied red bean paste. These hard gummy candies have an accurate flavor! Foil re-sealable pack ensures freshness.
This special edition 'Assassination Classroom' of Lemon Shigekix is more sour than ever. These sour chewy candies will have you puckering in an instant. This time around they are disk shaped with a sour powder coating. Foil re-sealable pack ensures freshness.
A very cute, slim pack of gummy candy where you pluck red and green grape flavored treats off of a melon soda flavored vine. The green grape bunches have a muscat flavor which is more tart than the traditional purple grape. A great little gift for small children!
One of the weird and wild flavors we have in our inventory. Fruity sweet tomato taste throughout the soft gummy candies. Resealable pouch to ensure freshness. Only available in Hokkaido, where napaJapan is located.
Shigekix is a chewy gummy that offers an extreme lip-puckering experience. These ramune (white citrus soda) candies will have you coming back for more so why not stock up today? Foil re-sealable pack ensures freshness.
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